New photos are not showing up


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Oct 11, 2010
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Hi there!

I took several photos this morning on my droid and when I go to the gallery all of the photos I took today are simply grey boxes. When I click on the photos a black screen appears and the circular loading spinner keeps spinning erratically going in and out of the little mountain icon. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!
Try a reboot.
I've had this happen more than once on my Droid 1. Ever since the Froyo 2.2 droid has been horrible. The problem with pictures, as OP described above. All my music, when played with the factory music app, is unorganized (Artist, Album and Song don't match up). When I do a reboot to correct the problem, the droid is very slow to respond for about 15 minutes or longer after coming back to idle mode. I have tried doing a shutdown, pull battery and pull memory card then restart. This gets to idle mode faster and then I do the process again but put the memory card back in. The system rediscovers everything and seems to work a little better....for a while.

Very frustrating and disappointed with my Droid now. I don't have too many apps but I'm hesitant to run apps as it seems to trigger issues. My Droid is unaltered which to me means it should run without issue because I'm not running a modified rom or anything.

Sorry to vent in this thread but I see I'm not the only one with the same droid issues.