New Phone - Voice Mail ?????


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Nov 22, 2009
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Ok -- got the new droid last night.
Can not figure out how to change Voice Mail message...
Also can not figure out how to answer voice mail...
Do I need an app to listen?
I know I need an app for the Google program that converts voice to written form...

I might be too stupid to own one of these LOL....

On the Droid's phone dial pad there is an icon that looks like a tape cassette to the left of the send key. That will dial your voice mail and from there it is the same as every other Verizon phone.
thanks, I switched from Sprint.
So learning this system.

Hey Bluzin1, I just switched from Sprint too! I set up by VM last night. Follow the instructions that the other poster gave you and the first time you call VM it will prompt to create a password. Once you do that you can even program the password onto that same cassette looking key so that you don't have to enter it everytime you call the VM.
Good luck!