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Aug 8, 2010
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dancedroidHi. My name is Lizzymae, but I simply can't find the free download driver for my Droid Incredible (Droid A855). I have a dell inspiron 1521 laptop that runs Vista Windows.:icon_evil: Tried on and off all day to download, don't want to pay for a driver I should get for free.
Please help Lizzycan't tobe Lizzymae again.:)


Jul 27, 2010
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Hey, I have the Moto droid 1, but I did a little research for you and came up with this

I just answered this on the general forum--and thought I'd post my answer here, too. I searched for 2 hours trying to find an answer and finally figured it out.
Plug in the Incredible to your PC--it will search for drivers and won't find any.
Your phone will display several options after plugging it in. Choose "Mount as drive."
A folder will pop up on your PC and you will find the HTC Sync program there. Run this .exe file. It will ask you to disable your antivirus program--you will have to search how to temporarily disable your particular program.
After installing the HTC Sync program, unplug your phone and plug in again. Your PC will now find the correct drivers and connect to your phone (also, choose the sync option this time on your phone.)
Go into settings and tell the sync program what you want synced.
Hope this helps!

also Which phone do you have as the A855 is the motorola droid 1 and the incredible is the ADR6300

might help with the driver problems