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Jul 11, 2010
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Im new here and just wanted to say hello. On July 15th I will get my first Android phone. I have been what some may consider a enemy, crazy, stupid, blind and whatever else iPhone users are called by some. I am using my iPhone 3GS since I returned my iPhone 4. Im not going to bash or trash talk the iPhone and I think it's to each there own which phone they use or like. So to make this short I will put what I look forward to with my new phone and Verizon. The mobile hotspot for $20. Verizon will let me use my Droid X as a mobile hotspot for $20 and 2GB of data. But that's not the best part. I will get to keep my unlimited data usage on my phone. Compare that to the $45 AT&T wanted to charge me for the "option" of tethering my iphone. I put "option" because that $45 gives me 0Gb of data to tether. The data has to come from the 2GB of data I would have to use for the phone for the month (I would lose my unlimited data that I was grandfathered into).That is a ripoff. Anyway, long enough.