New Issue on X-Mas Day :P


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Dec 21, 2009
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Hey Guys,

My fiance is back at it again and I have no idea how to help her.

When she adds contacts, they simply don't show up. In fact, the phone still gives her the screen that says "you have no contacts" when she clicks on the contacts tab of the phone although she's added 13 and if you SEARCH for them, they show up.

What is going on here? How do I fix it?

My phone does NOT have this problem. Why does hers?

Thanks in advance guys and MERRY XMAS / HAPPY CHANUKAH, etc. etc.
on my phone it wasnt recognizing the area code in front of the number. I took it into the store and they worked on it for an hour and ended up giving me a new one cause they couldnt figure it out. They did the hard reset and everything and nothing worked
Did she add them in Google? If so just go in to setting > accounts > gmail account and sync it again > all her contact "should" show up