New Handcent SMS beta file


Nov 11, 2009
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Since I talk to the Handcent SMS guy a lot, I usually tell him about bugs and things that need improving from time to time as I see him online. He recently sent me a new beta release that has a MMS max file size option in the settings.

Basically Handcent restricts messages to a certain size so that the network will accept it. It has been known for a while now that Handcent's size restriction has been quite a bit lower than what Verizon will actually let you send. This has caused issues like the "file size limit exceeded" message that handcent likes to show when attaching 30 second MMS video clips, 5MP large images, larger mp3 files and so on.

So basically it should accept bigger files than before with the setting set to "1M (the highest one)".


Give it a shot and let me know what you think. You still won't be able to transfer full length mp3 files. Around the biggest filesize for an mp3 I think is close to 1MB. Anything larger than that probably wouldn't send through Verizon as a MMS message (it would be rejected).

I tested a full mp3 file today, down converting it with a very low bitrate to get the song file under 1MB, and I was able to send it and receive it.

The only way to get full mp3 file sharing to work, in my opinion, is to get handcent to convert every mp3 you attach (if its above 1MB) using a low bitrate so that the size will be below 1MB. Using a low bitrate will severely reduce quality, but otherwise the Verizon network will reject it (it will never reach the person you send it too).

I'm also not sure how great conversion of mp3 files would work on a phone. Handcent is supported for any Android phone, and with weak hardware like the G1, I could see converting an mp3 file taking a good bit of time on those devices. So it doesn't really seem too practical to add that feature, really.

In other words, I don't think mp3 file sharing/sending is going to be very useful over MMS messages. It works great for short 30 second clips (like ringtones) but full files just isn't going to work that great, and its not Handcent's fault.

But enough of my babbling! Download it and check it out. My guess is it will eventually hit the official market sometime (maybe now, a few days, week...idk) but since I'm so nice, you can all download it now and use it =]