New Droid X Running Slow?


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Nov 6, 2010
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Hey Guys,

I recently purchased a new Droid X. I've had it for about a week, but the most i've really done with it are download a few applications and try to get comfortable using it.

I have noticed though, that it seems like the phone often times has a 1-5 second lag, depending on what i'm doing. Scrolling up and down will often have a 1-2 second initial lag, followed by a non-smooth scrolling. A 1-2 second delay for the home screen scrolling is normal. Often times i'll have to touch ikons twice or three times, then i'll get a 1-3 second lag. When I open contacts my contacts ikon, clicking on the ikon will give me anywhere from 1-10 second lag to open the contact information.

I can't imagine this is normal, after reading others experiences. What could be going on here? What do you recommend?

Thank you all very much, I look forward to using this site often. I hope to contribute soon!
I got my X a couple days ago and after a while the phone will get really slow.. but after a reboot everything is quick again. Maybe you have a bad application installed.
I couldn't imagine having a bad app installed, given I really only have ones that have well over 1000 ratings and are 5 star....

Anything else? Anything I can do to speed up my Droid and make it more smooth?
Did the vzw Rep install a task killer by chance?

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