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Dec 14, 2009
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Happy to say I have the new Droid and feel as though I've joined the rest of the world at last.

Everything was syncing beautifully until yesterday and suddenly I'm not receiving gmail or any other kind of email account. I'm hoping I'll find some answers here.
It sounds as though you turned off auto updates. Are you running a power widget or task manager?

Welcome to the forums.
New terminology

Hi Erron,

Thanks for your suggestion, and welcome. I'm very new so unsure of the difference. I checked and the auto updates are turned off. I read on this forum that it might be because of the Wifi being on. I turned that off, the "3G" came back up, and I got my Gmail.

The wifi shouldnt be an issue. If you are running any power control widget then make sure the little recycle looking button is green. If not, just make sure in your settings you are set to receive them. Glad you have it working again!
Ctaussie, install the Power Control widget. This will help you toggle quickly between wifi, sync, etc. If you don't know how yet.... Long press on the screen, select "widgets" and then "Power Control." It's a large widget, so you might get an error if you don't have enough space available on the screen.