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Nov 20, 2009
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Kansas City, MO
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Samsung Galaxy S4
Finally qualified for my upgrade and wanted to sandbag my LG Voyager as it never lived up to what I hoped it would be. I spent months researching and decided I wanted the new Samsung Omnia II, but after reading about the problems with Windows 6.5, I thought about the Blackberry Storm 2.

Then I started reading about the Droid and decided to take a shot and see if would fulfill my needs. I have had it for just over a week now and have been fairly satisfied.

Found out this morning that Bluetooth audio does not work in my new Mazda 3, so that was a strike. I'm not crazy about the keyboard, so I use Better Keyboard instead.

There are still a lot of apps I want to try out, so I have been reading a lot of forums, but this one is the best by far, so here I am.

Bob :icon_ devil: