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Jul 28, 2010
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hey Ive recently started using an android phone and am very interested in rooting my phone. I have in the past hacked my psp and i like to modify my personal electronic devices.. According to the model number in my droid settings it says the phone is a "Droid". However, after looking at several screenshots online of both the motorola droid and motorola droid milestone, i cannot seem to tell which phone i have. From what i hear the milestone is not rootable. i have several questions i hope someone would please help me with.

1. How can i tell the difference between a droid milestone and motorola droid? Physical differences? firmware differences? etc.

2. If my phone is a milestone can it be rooted? if so, would someone please link me a guide to root it. I have been searching for a while now and have found various rooting guides but all of them have somewhat varying steps and i dont want to brick my phone so i rather do it the correct safe way.

3. I also heard a rumor that the motorola droid is almost unbrickable. is this true or what is the story behind this?

4. what are the significant downsides to rooting if any? as it pertains to service and contracts as well as warranty?

5. once rooted, which rom is the best to use for froyo?

thanks in advanced. Sorry if this was posted in the wrong place.
94 views and no responses. maybe i posted in the wrong place. ill try somewhere else.
don't be put off because there were no responses. Often times with a generic title like that users will open to see if they can help. Your questions are more challenging than others and therefore are not yet answered because people don't want to give you misinformation. An answer will be given im sure
yeah i posted this elsewhere and got some responses. I believe i have a moto droid and would like to root it, but it looks as though the sticky here is outdated as i have 2.1 installed. know a guide to root 2.1? plz link it
dont mean to be "that guy" but I found my way to rooting through youtube although there are about a billion videos dedicated to it... I think your best bet would be to search for the most recent one with a lot a views in youtube's advanced search
Where do you live? If you live in the US and got your phone from a store, you have a Droid, not a Milestone. I don't know for sure about rooting a Milestone, but I think I recall seeing threads a while back about it being rooted/being close to root. Not unbrickable but very very hard to mess up. Rooting 100% voids your warranty. That said, that's only an issue if you don't unroot it entirely before taking it in. If it's unrooted, they'll never know. And picking a rom is entirely personal preference.
funny you should say that because that is actually what im doing right now. heh thanks for the help.
why I joined :biggrin:....well that and this guy dancedroid...but that's another story