New Droid User, issues.


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Aug 16, 2010
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So I just got my new Droid 2, and I'm liking it pretty much through and through. A couple issues I've noticed so far;

When I click on one of my contacts and look at the info I have in my Droid, it has their emails, numbers, etc. but it doesn't always show them. Like, it'll show their email, but I'll have to click on edit to see their phone number, but on others it'll just show everything.

The other thing that my Blackberry did that I wouldn't mind, is it synced all my Facebook's birthdays to my phones calendar, but my Droid won't do that. I've gone through syncing it to my gmail calendar first, then my phone, but it still doesn't work.

If anyone has any solutions to those two issues it would be awesome. These are the only 2 issues I've had with my new phone so far.

Except the bloatware, lol