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Gordon Shumway

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Jan 26, 2010
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Well I finally was able to break away from ATT and the I-Phone. Never had a phone that dropped more calls than that.

Purchased the Droid on Friday and just found this site today.

So far very pleased with the phone, my wife even purchased one after swearing she would never give up her I-Phone.

Live in Orlando Florida and reception has been great.
Welcome aboard!!!!!! Glad you like your new device :icon_ banana:

Enjoy the forums....they are a wealth of information :)
Welcome to the Forum.....
welcome to the droid forum....enjoy the reading....the questions abound, but the answers soar....and yes verizon is the network, and the droid is the phone....may be fustrating at first...."how do I answer the *^*& thing?" but it works out'll be glad to know about this forum....and don't ever think VZW doesn't want to help "you"....need a answer or have a question, *611....they are there 24/7....yes i like them a see, i can communicate with the world, and my droid take me there.....
I had same issues when I had ATT and my that time it was the greatest thing and regardless of a few drop calls I did not want to give up on it. I eventually went back to Verizon and now I own the MOTOROLA DROID and I love it more than I did my iPhone.
Welcome to the forums...............
I too, had and iPhone. And like you, I dropped too many calls so I dropped AT&T and returned to VZW. Have not dropped a call and love the Droid. By-by iPhone!

Welcome to the forum.