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Sep 12, 2010
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Hey, Although this isn't my first post, and I have posted a couple of times in the forum I realized I hadn't introduced myself. So here goes...
I am a complete newbie when it comes to smartphones, I have followed them intensely and wanted a Droid ever since the first one came out. Being a grad student paying through college, it only became affordable to me just recently, so jumped up and got the best bargain I could get for the DX and the D2 (for my fiance).

Still waiting in the mail for my Droids but with the help of the community here have already ordered the screen protectors and waiting for the OB (if ever launched) case :)

This is my first smart phone and but looking forward to modding it a bit here and there as I learn from the community here :).

(Just one question before i sign off, When I buy apps, how do i pay - do i pay upfront or do i get charged on my bill ? And also, when I use Google Voice to make calls, am I using my unlimited data or my minutes? )

Thanks a lot. This is an awesome and a very helpful forum !
as far as your google voice i understand that it doesnt even use your cell phone minutes as thats what the google voice website said and paying for apps in the market you just set up or sign into google checkout and once you click pay now it will show up your prefered method of pay then you click pay and wallla you now have that paid app if you dont like the app then u just uninstall it and get a full refund if less then 24hrs

shouldnt really be telling people how to pirate apps on here

google voice does not use your minutes. when you place a call with GV, google calls YOU and then makes the connection with your selected number
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you have not upset me in anyways. i was just pointing out that it is quite against the rules of DF to post how to pirate apps... actually anything illegal is prohibited

rooting and flashing custom roms is definitely not pirating as well as completely legal

pirating is the act of infringing on copyright. which would be the reproducing of a/an app/movie/music/book/etc. THAT is whats illegal

anyways, dont be sorry because im not upset at all. in fact im a HUGE believer in open source and that knowledge should be free. applications and any form of media, in my opinion, is knowledge and therefore should be obtained for free. and i cant say im not guilty of the occasional pirating myself

tl;dr im not upset, its just against DF rules thats all
ok i apoligize for posting something that is against the rules of df i wasnt aware of this being wrong but it is kinda wierd that its ok to tell people how to gain free wifi and save 20.00 a month from verizon but not to teach someone about the apk format i do thank you for letting me know as i will remember that for future post i just came a member as of today and i learnt how to do this all when i got my first d1 then i now have the d2 so the rooting and roms are completely different in my eyes and im still learning on how to do all this i read a lot of other forums as well as youtube and i thought i was just returning the favor to others that others tought me im by no means a computer genius im just loving the fact that when it comes to these phones i never get bored with soaking in all this material i love the things we are able to do its crazy i have 3 d1's and 3 d2's one in wich is my wifes and she laughs at me for having something new to do with the phones everyday anyways i hope i dont get kicked out of here for that comment like i said i thought i was being helpful for passing on the knoledge that i picked up on
no worries. and you probably wont get kicked. but if a mod sees your post itll probably get deleted and youll get a warning

anyways. welcome to DF
no worries. and you probably wont get kicked. but if a mod sees your post itll probably get deleted and youll get a warning

anyways. welcome to DF

ok so i just saw that i can delete the post that i put up so i took it into my hands to get rid of that post because it was never my intent to post something that was against the rules of df so i appreciate you letting me know i gained more knowledge it all stays with me i looked and not sure where the do and donts are on this site can you point me in the right direction please thanks again
We see all, but it looks like you guys worked it out and understand the rules so all is good, thanks!
that is a great question. ill ask one of the mods and get back to you
Thanks a lot guys, my droids are in my city but lying at the UPS facility and i will have to wait till Monday to get them. This is killing me now !! :(
One more question. When I get my phone, it will most probably be already activated (by Letstalk). Verizon already emailed me the two phone numbers they already gave me. I know which number i want (and like) more. If my DX has been activated with the number my fiance wants and vice versa, can I reassign the number that I want to my phone ?

Thanks for your help again !!
yes a couple different ways if you have a previous phone then activate it with one of the numbers and transfer other to the phone you want or call 611 to have them do it or log onto and change your phones in myverizon good luck