New Car Mount/Media Station?


Nov 3, 2009
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I wonder if they'll make new car mounts/media stations to fit phones with cases. I have a hard phone case and my droid didnt fit in either (i had to return them). Any of you guys hear of anything in the works? Or am i sol :(
Yah, I don't get that either. Why provide a not too thick case and then it can't fit the docs. That's really lame. I love the docks.. got both of them, but it's annoying that I cant use the case I wanted. I ended up buying the leather case, which is ok for me.. but still would rather have the hard case around the edges in case I drop the phone so it wont break as easily. I don't want to bother with taking the phone out of the case to use the car mount, for example.
My experience with cases is that I always want one when the phone is new, but after a while, I realize that the phone is way cooler without it, is smaller, and looks better too. Buy the insurance in case you drop it, and enjoy its form factor. The leather case works great so you do not have to jam this thing into your pocket. When you pull it out, you see it in its full glory.