New battery record!


May 22, 2010
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After 2 months of using the stock battery, and after using the extended battery tip of turning it on/off etc

I now have 4 hours life with phone sitting on desk UNUSED except for being turned on with black screen.

Since its beyond the 30 days, I assume I have no recourse? I bought the phone at Best Buy, BTW
Warranty covers battery defects, why not get it replaced?
Only 4 hours? Hmm. For one, just using the black screen for that amount of time is going to use some power.

But I'm wondering how often you have things like weather, mail, etc set to update. With my phone I can last usually around 12 hours without almost any use, assuming I leave wifi, bluetooth, gps, etc off. The only things I had on was Google Sync and Weather bug updating in half hour increments..

Went to Bestbuy where they have no Dincs and never stock batteries. They sent me to the verizon store

Verizon took my phone for an hour testing it, and when I returned, they said battery was fine, BUT they installed an apkiller and said that I had a multitude of apps running. They killed almost all, and since ythen the phone has been OK.

Just wondering that since this bd and the other bd is so set on NOT using an apkiller, it seems to me that all my apps were not killed by the phone without using the killa.

ALSO, tried to get the 2150 battery from Verizon. They said to do it online. But there, I cannot get the 35% discount I am entitled to as a veteran. Maybe hafta settle for the 1750 Seido for the same price