new and have a question....


Mar 28, 2010
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South Bend IN
hi everybody, i am new to the forum and have been doing a little searching and i have a problem. i just saw my friends incredible by htc and it really nice and i really like the weather that is all over the screen when he unlocks the screen, and when it was raining water drops hit the screen and a wiper wipes them off the screen! now i have already gotten the gde theme to replicate the sense ui, but i really want the weather thing on my home screen... so is there an easy way to do this, hopefully without rooting my phone because i have 2.1 and am not knowledgeable enough to downgrade and root my phone yet. thanks in advance. and glad to be part of the forum
Right now there is no way to get that. There is a port of the incredible rom being workedon right now that will do that, but currently only when u open the weather app.
thanks for the info... any idea on how to get the lock screen? saw the person in the you tube video that explained gde theme of hero to me had it.