Network location fc loop when activated.


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Apr 26, 2010
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This sucks!! When I go to turn my network location on, it starts a FC loop until I can turn it off fast enough. I had not noticed it happening before, could it be one of my apps asking for that permission.

I am pretty sure that the last time that I turned it on was last week. I dont really remember ever turning it off though. Maybe when an app needed only gps or something, I am not sure. I have aspotcat and give a list of apps that were updated or installed recently with location permissions. Not sure how to get a list of just network location permissions without looking through them all.

I am stock, I updated maps yesterday, and noticed today it says update one next to the 2.1. Was that because of maps or was that update pushed through. And when was it pushed through? I uninstalled the news maps as well and that did not help. Two questions, I know, the -update1 question is not really important, just curious, its not being able to use network locations.

Also to add, I thought it was triggered immediatly after asking google permissions, but I hit back and it is like the FC is right behind it. And no matter what app i am in front of, the settings, task manager, etc, it closes that app for some reason when the force close button is hit.

Should I put what the report has in it on here? problem is, when i look at the report, that means that the force close is going to come up again because I have to shut it off quickly for it to stop

*I'm sorry mods, I know I posted this in tech section but no reply and this is kind of urgent for me because I need to use it tomorrow night.