Need to link notifcations and ringtone


Jun 22, 2010
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What is a good app for this? I am needing to link my notification sound with my ringtone.

Needs to be an app that works on the S4 Lollipop.

Many thanks in advance!
Making them both be the same volume level. Like when you increase one, the other goes with it. Thus, they are linked at the same level always.
No problem! Hope it works for what you want. If not, I found this one by searching something like "notification ring level" in the play store. There were several different ones, some of which had nothing to do with what you're after, but there may be others with the functionality you're looking for under a similar search.
Yeah, to be honest, the one you linked looked pretty complicated for just a simple task such as syncing the two volumes, but thanks for trying.
Funny thing is many queries ask how to unlink them. Some manufacturers models have them linked with no way to separate without a paid app.

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Yeah, I've seen that a lot, but I need to link mine up. What a world....