Need suggestions/advise on exchanging at BestBuy

Nov 3, 2009
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Hey all,

Last weekend I had bought a case at Verizon which snaps on with serious attitude and comes off grudgingly. I had managed to remove it last Saturday night to clean the camera lens, and when I put it back on, the case ended up 'prying,' up the molding on the side of the phone where the volume and camera button is. I pulled it way up and held it there while I frantically tried to get the case back off.

At any rate, I'm overly cautious by nature and although I'm almost positive nothing is wrong, I'd rather return it and get another one. So here is the problem. Trying to return this to BestBuy for an exchange is going to be difficult. There are no glitches that I can think of to blame it on as just about every complaint I've seen so far is being corrected with the software fix. Does anybody know how I might be able to exchange this for another Droid?

Thanks all,

I hear people are returning theirs for dust under the screen, or the battery door being loose, and other stuff. I'm sure there's some nifty reason that can be brought up. I just haven't returned me for anything so I'm not sure first-hand what works and what doesn't.
If you have the receipt, you can return any hardware to BB within 30 days. Return it then go buy it somewhere else. Or come back later and buy it (make sure they don't try and give the same one back to you).
If they notice the damage, they will prolly ask you about it. You may want to say upfront that is why you are returning it and it came that way. They will pretty much have to believe you. Just don't say that is why you are returning it after they notice the damage - too obvious you were trying to hide it. I don't know how obvious it is so its hard to say what is your best approach. But they will prolly let you.
I dont believe you need a reason for an exchange as long as it is within 30 days. But, it doesnt matter what you tell them, just tell them anything. Say it randomly powers down and you want to replace it.

No , you don't need a reason, but if it looks consumer damaged they will refuse it.
I would tell them it randomly reboots constantly and the 3g goes in and out. I got my Droid replaced at BestBuy for one spec of dust that was barely visible to the eye. They didn't really care. Its a new phone, and a pretty nice one, they understand that people want their stuff to be brand new for at least a little while.