need opinions...about the .604 update

Jul 25, 2010
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Is the .604 update worth doing?
are there any problems with it I need to know before I wipe everything and unroot to update?
The only reason I'm going to do it is to use the pulldown editor and get the black notification bar.
If anyone has used both on the old os I would love some input!
I did this the yesterday, I got the black see thru notification bar, and all new icons on the status bar. It looks awesome, but I don't know if I did something wrong but since I did it my phone has slowed down a little bit. I followed the directions and put both .jar file and the framework file on my sd card then used better terminal emulator and started typing in the code that was given after the third or fourth line it went black and rebooted itself. There was one more line then reboot that I was supposed to input before it rebooted but when it rebooted itself before I got to those last two commands when it came on it had the new notification bar. It looks awesome but has slowed down some. When I click on things it lags and takes a few seconds to get them up. Besides that if you dont care they look awesome!!!!!!