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Jun 10, 2010
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Hi, these two questions may have been answered before:

1. what is the clock speed behind There are multiple references to this package, one was in early June , its download page points to one was created on 6/29

2. Because of the dates difference above, when was it released?

3. If they are two different packages, any further info on the clock speed of each of them?

Please share info if you can.


Bear in NM

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Nov 12, 2009
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I do not know the differences between you links, but this thread on MDW appears to be p3's latest offering of the leaked "official".

MyDroidWorld Exclusive: Official Update (Leaked) FRF84B

The image on page one has a big "update" stamped over it, and the thread is dated 6/29. In the op, it says su, root, bash and busybox, although busybox is not installed, just available for install. The busybox thing in and of itself tells me this is the latest offering, as I have not seen any of the other Froyo releases that did not contain busybox already installed and symlinked.

I am running Pete's version of this file, and having read through the pages in the link, I think P3's and Petes are very similar. Although with Pete's you have to install (and find) busybox on your own ( I went with the market app install). Both appear to be the latest "what will be ota'd", and while I have not run P3's, Petes has been perfect for me. But, not sure if Pete has made changes to OC since he first released his, as his op said one oc number, but mine installed with a higher OC kernel. No problem as I immediately OC'd to 1200 with one of Chevy's kernels.