need help with my droid.


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Jun 18, 2010
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i got my first moto droid about 6 months ago. it worked fine up until last week. they changed me out to another one at verizon but i have already been having problems and it has only been 5 days. it keeps taking ringtones off of my contacts. the screen will light up and i can answer the cal but there is no ring.

it is not doing it with all of my contacts just certain ones at random. it also does not give me a notification sound sometimes when i get a text or voicemail. i took it back yesterday and they did a hard reset. the guy said i would have to put my contacts in and would have to download some of my apps again. but when i checked it after i got home everything was still on my phone

it looks like the only thing it done was change my wallpaper and removed the icons from my home screen. i could understand about the contacts if i had them synced with my gmail but i do not. so they should not be there. i was wondering if anyone else ever had these problems and if so what the fix was?