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Nov 18, 2009
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Madison, WI
I am having some irritating problems with the gmail contacts on my Droid. A few of my contacts got combined on the Droid (but not in Gmail) and I need to figure out how to get rid of some contacts that were initially down loaded from Gmail as part of "My Contacts" but that I don't need to have on my phone.

I have heard that if you modify contacts on the Droid, it will break the "synch" function. So I tried revising the contacts in Gmail, with the idea that the next synch would fix the contacts on the Droid. I deleted some contacts and move the ones I did not want on the Droid out of the "My Contacts" group. According to the Droid, the synch has run a couple of times but none of the unwanted contacts have been removed. I also tried adding a new contact for one of the combined contacts but it does not show up in my Droid Contacts.

Any suggestions on how best to manage my contacts? Do I need to do a hard reset? Whats the best way to add or modify a contact when you are away from a computer?

I had exactly the same problem. In my case, this was caused by moving between several phones with different capabilities in the contacts (some allowed multiple phone numbers for the same person, some didn't, labels on phone numbers like "mobile", "work", etc, weren't propagated correctly between phones, etc).

It appears that you've tried what worked for me. I went into my contacts in gmail and fixed them all up (deleting duplicates, correcting entries, etc) and they're now all correct on my phone. Since then, I've been able to add contacts on my phone and they've updated my gmail contacts with no problems.
Does anyone know if there is a way for the contacts to be listed last name first?
If you log into gmail you can manage all of your phone contacts right from gmail and it will update onto your phone. I had the same issues where some people were not combined and dupes, but just logged in by accident and saw that all of my phone contacts are now listed on gmail.

Updated them there with little trouble and now I'm good to go.
Good advice if you use gmail contacts as your main source. However, I use Outlook on my laptop and synchronizing through Gmail is a hassle since there are gliches in the process. Must be a result of the Microsoft Google war.
I've got a different problem. I sent some pictures to my phone to use as contact pix. So far, so good. I transferred them to the SD card. Then I went to the pictures and brought up the menu for setting them as contact pictures. Again, so far, so good. When I finished (done), then went to check them out in my contact list - they were gone! I can't find them anywhere! What's up with that? Anyone have a similar problem? Or, probably, what did I do wrong?:icon_eek:

Then, the entire contact list was gone! I had my favorites, but no overall contact list.

Not willing to throw the phone away yet, I started messing around with the contact options. I went to the menu from the contact list and saw something that said "Import/Export". What the hell - eh? So I saw it gave me the option to import FROM the SD card, or export TO the SD card. I opted to export FROM the card, and all of a sudden it's importing 130 contacts. ALL my missing contacts. Now, I have NO idea how they got THERE, but right now, I don't care. They're back where they belong - IN my contact list.

??? :icon_ lala:
Any way to display the categories that are assigned in "My Contacts", Like Friends, Coworkers, etc...?