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Dec 13, 2009
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Is there a way to exclude certain roads when you speak an address. For example, I live just north of Boston, anytime I give an address south of Boston, like for RI, or CT it will take me thru Boston and all its tolls. I would rather go 128/95 which is closer to me than having the navigation give me directions all the way across my city to go through the pay tunnels or bridges into Boston.

Can you tell I try and avoid driving thru Boston at all costs? LOL

I know I can just wait until I get past that area to use the navigation but I wanted to try it directly from my house.
I hear you there, The Tolls only add insult to injury up there...

No way to set or exclude at this time...You could use a waypoint then hit up where your actually going...
yeah, nothing yet, it's only the first release, so it might take some time to get the more advanced features that the regular vz navigator had. i know regular vz navigator will let you exclude a road.
Thanks for the answers. Hopefully it will happen in one of the updates.

Now I'm off to RI to visit family and then on to CT to have some fun at Mohegan Sun.

And still going around Boston, adds 10 miles but saves me around $8.00.
Once you begin skirting around Boston, it should begin input for the road you are traveling (128). I do this all the time as it rarely maps me on the roads I know are shorter. I laugh as I pass the turn the wench is telling me to make, and then laugh again as she begins to tell me travel the route I really wanted. Of course - this is always local roads that I know. I imagine if I'm in unfamiliar territory, it will also send me on routes that are not always the quickest, or most convenient, or toll free. I'm hoping future updates will give us more control over what routes will be available to us.