My week travelling with the droid.


Nov 12, 2009
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Pros and cons.

Navigation got me to my destination no problem. 2 hour drive to baltimore. Awesome.

Listened to shoutcast on the way down, was spotty. Unfortunately the music would cut in and out, sometimes it would come back on its own, sometimes not. Seems as if shoutcast works MUCH differently when driving than when standing still. This could be an app issue, but in the end it bothers me. Not so awesome.

While driving, droid rebooted on me for some strange reason. Not awesome.

Used it for an alarm clock to wake up every day for the meetings. Listened to it on speaker while in the shower, sounded pretty good (listened to news stream).

Checked my email all day during the meetings. Took pictures around baltimore with it.

Met a friend for dinner we walked to an area and I used google maps to see all the resturaunts around me (we decided on capital grille).

Sat in bed before going to sleep, surfing the net and talking, but not at the same time. Not awesome.

All in all, a very powerful device and it makes me very happy - when its working correctly. There are some glitches in the software, I believe (the reboot was just weird, but it only happened once). The positives FAR outweight the negatives.

I love this thing. Great device to travel with. Great device in general.

Thanks for the write up. :) Glad to have some real world travel experience written down. Yeah I finally had my first weird freakout with it today, but it wasn't that big of a deal, rebooted it and has worked great ever since. I do love the speaker on the droid though, used it today as a conference call ;). Yeah not being able to talk and surf could be a bummer but just hook the wifi up and your good to go :).