My screen is wiggling now! Is yours?


Jan 9, 2010
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I took off the plastic backing from the screen and now the screen wiggles a lot- even when i'm holding the phone.

Has this happened to anyone else?
Is this because i removed the plastic or is it unrelated?
Took my plastic off back in December and it's still tight as... Well it's tight.

How's it wiggle? side to side or does it press down to the keyboard?
mine does it too, even did it with the plastic on. mine wiggles both ways, up and down and into the keyboard. doesn't really bother me, i figured i would have problems with it considering it' a motorola product.
How's it wiggle? side to side or does it press down to the keyboard?

it didn't wiggle before.
It wiggles up and down as if I'm raising the screen to access the keyboard and lowering it.

If it's excessive I would say that's a manufacture defect. I personally would be looking for a replacement.
Haven't touched the plastic, sliding seems to be just fine since December
what plastic are you talking about?

Hehe, I was wondering the same.

Yeah mine is doing this on the bottom part of the screen and will move while I'm talking. Aggravates me!! Top is still tight, but I did have a short drop once with it and mark it off as I did it.
I have thought about taking it in or calling verizon on it since it is still under warranty.
well it appears to me that you should not take it off! that it is there to protect the two pieces from rubbing and scratching each other.