My intro to you. Randy Ransom in NC


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Aug 14, 2010
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Hi! I'm Randy Ransom. The Droid X is my first android phone. I have had smart phones for the last 10 years starting with Windows CE. I am not an expert and don't try to be one. I am here to learn and make better use of my new Droid X. My last phone was a BB Storm. before that was a BB Tour. Hated the Storm. Hated that the Bluetooth didn't work on any Tour made by Rimm.

I can't wait for FroYo. I want to add some custom apps but in reading the reviews I want to wait and be sure that what I pay for will work with 2.2

I do have one big question. The thing I did love about my BB was the custom profiles and repeating alerts for Voice mail, email and messages. Is there an app that does this?

Something like BB Alerts.

All the best,dancedroid
Welcome to the Forum!!

I'm no App expert but I am sure there is a way to have repeating alerts. I have different led colors for my email, gtalk and txting and that's all I need. Ask around in the app section and I'm sure someone can ppoint you in the right direction.