my first droid died replaced free next day


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Nov 21, 2009
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hi im new here too , i got my first droid 2 days ago
when they cranked it up and got me online they handled it to me I noticed it was very warm
I went home with it and with a very low charge I plug it into the charger and it arked
the next day after a all night charged I took off with it
it was still very warm holding it
I got one phone call
then 2 hrs later I went to use it it was stone cold and not working
I took it back to best buy and told them all that happened and they replaced it free
when they handled me my 2nd new phone I imeadeately noticed it was not warm or hot to hold
had plenty of charged and infact it was charged up to this morning I was setting up my email and all and the charge warning came on
So its charging now in the same charging station ' no ..... arks so my first droid must of had a serious issue

cant wait to get into the apps and fully understand the phones capabalities
I went from a iphone and att to get this phone

cheers mates :icon_ banana: