My droid txt messaged someone twice in the middle of the night


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Nov 11, 2009
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So I read some thread a while ago on this forum about people's phone's making calls randomly in the middle of the night. And someone jokingly saying they put it in the safe just in case.

Well, last night I put my phone face down (touchscreen down) on the table.
I woke up to see that it had txt messaged my friend at 2:19 and then again at 2:29.

All jumbled text.

I can understand that maybe I had put the phone down with the screen unlocked and it had sent 1 message.

But to happen again 10 minutes later?

What's going on?
Dang.. he's sleepdroiding.. txting on his droid while sleeping and not remembering.. he can't even let go at night!
Try not putting the phone face down and see what happens.

This Reminds me of the old Vaudeville act :p

Man Goes into the Doctor and says
" Doc, My Arm hurts when I move it like this"
Doc says, " Don't move it like that then"
[da dum (drums in the background)]

But seriously, keep us up on the situation of the witching hour mysterious texts.
Now I'm not recommending anyone actually do this but...

If you install the android scripting environment (ASE) you can write a short script in a language of your choosing that will randomly text or call people in the middle of the night.

In python a very basic script for calling people might look like:

import android
import time

droid = android.Android()
time.sleep(10) #wait for him/her to pick up
droid.speak("Help i am a robot trapped in this phone")

Of course all that does is call them and use TTS to say something. You could get real in depth and have a scheduled time where it could select a random contact and text / talk to using TTS. Like maybe 3 am every morning... call a random person. Again I'm not saying you should do it, just that its possible.

More (better) stuff here:

PythonAndroidAPI - android-scripting - A description of the Android API available to Python scripts. - Project Hosting on Google Code
This is not ASE or a problem with the phone. This is Skynet doing communications test runs... getting ready to kill us all...
now random texting droids

I haven't left my droid on at night yet, as i have another main phone for the next 2 weeks, but it should be quite interesting 2 weeks from now....

I was gonna use my Droid as an alarm clock too....kinda hesistant to now...