My Droid Screen is Dead


Dec 2, 2009
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Hi, I posted a question or two on some threads earlier today asking about my phone's touchscreen not working correctly. Well, now the screen is totally dead. The phone turns on, I can unlock it if I swipe across where the unlock bar normally is, but the screen is just black.

I paid for the warranty on my phone when I bought it. What I want to know is, will they give me trouble that my phone is rooted and running 2.2? I hope not but does anyone know? Ill try calling them in the morning.
If you haven't tried yet, you should try turning on your phone in recovery mode (hold x and press the power button) and do a factory reset. That's probably what the verizon people will tell you to do too. If that doesn't fix your problem, then you should take it in. You won't have to worry about your phone being rooted either because it will be reset to the factory settings.
Thanks. Problem is the screen wont turn on so I cant see the recovery screen. Its OK, though, because I called them and they said theyll send me a refurbished model. Hopefully there wont be problems with that one.
If you want to be completely certain that there won't be any issues, you could use RSDlite to flash the phone back to stock. I'd expect that without a functioning screen, it would be pretty unlikely that they'd "notice" it was rooted. Doing a factory reset won't eliminate the evidence that it was rooted as /system and /recovery partitions don't get changed by doing a factory reset (that I'm aware of).