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Mar 11, 2010
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Tukwila Washington
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Today when I hung up after a call, my phone started playing music. My music app was not open, when I did open it, there was a different song queued up. Checked to see if any other apps were running in the background and there was none. The only way I was able to get it to stop playing the song was to turn the phone off and back on.

Anyone else have this happen to them?
No unwanted music on mine... But, hey, Halloween is approaching, a possessed phone would be in keeping with the season ;).
If you have Poweramp...I've had this happen a time or two after an update...if you have the "resume play after call" box checked...
Was it a song you had stored on the device? If so was it played recently?
Yes the song is stored on the device. No the song had not played recently. There was a different song Queued up when I opened the player after this occured
I don't use the stock player..sorry..hope one of the others can help ya .
I never had music playing but the other day I had some kind of ad or infomercial type thing just start playing. No apps running, nothing in Google or Chrome histories.

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There's a potentially helpful solution for people with a slow internet connection. If when you stream audio it pauses and starts again, the solution is to first download it, and then you can play it from your desktop. You can download songs from using something like this download soundcloud to mp3 Just paste in the URL of the soundcloud song. And you get a mp3 download.
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