Music not showing up

Nov 30, 2009
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Do you know why music that I transfered over to the Droid shows up on the SD card when looking using Estrong but in the actual stock music player the file isnt there?

I also see that things I deleted are still showing in the stock media player list then I click on that song and it plays another song.

The stock player stinks.... agree? or I am doing something wrong?

thanks for the help
There are two possible reasons for this. 1. Files are in an unsupported format (like WMA) or probably more likely... they are protected files (coming from iTunes?). I'd it is the first, just convert to a supported format(ie. Mp3), if the second you will have to burn them to CD and then rip them back into?MP3 files to strip off the DRM
No they its totally unprotected music not from Itunes. :( Call it homemade mp3s
Strange I transferred the files using Estrong and the media player doesnt see the files. I now re-transfered using the usb cable and it now sees the files.
OK, so then it is something estrong did... Change (or remove) the extensions maybe?