Music download to Fascinate


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Nov 7, 2010
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I have a Samsung Fascinate which is loaded with the app "Music Player".
How do you transfer songs from your computer or other device to the Music Player application. I have a cable but I don't know the process to download/upload, etc.
Connect the phone via the cable, on the phone drag down the notification bar and click on USB connected, which should then give you a new window where you can click on "connect USB". At that point, you should have a new hard drive listed on your computer, if you access it, that will be the SD card on the phone. Create a folder named Music (unless its already there) and drag/drop your music files into that folder. On the phone, click the disconnect USB button, and on the computer (if Windows), use "safely remove hardware" to remove the phone. Once both are successful, launch the Music Player app and it should find your music.