Multiple identical contact accounts


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May 2, 2010
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Hey everyone, this is my first post so go easy on me :)

I love my phone but there is one annoyance. When i go edit a contact, it displays 3 or 4 google accounts (the accounts are all the same - i have only one google account on my phone), all with the same info. So when i wan't to edit the contact, i have to edit all four accounts - and even then sometimes the edit doesn't work!
I tried messing with the settings, etc, but when i close the google account, i don't get "No contacts" info.

Also, before i bought the Milestone i owned a BlackBerry Bold that messed up all of my contacts, he renamed them not only in his contacts, but on the SIM card to! Is there a fast way to edit the contacts? I read somewhere that you can edit your contacts in Gmail, but how do i do that? If i can't use gmail, is there any other way to export the contacts on my PC and edit them there?
My contact list looks all messed up.
If i had a contact called "Jack the ripper", Bold renamed it to "the ripper; Jack/1"

Thanks a lot!

I found where i Gmail i can see the contacts, now i'm just waiting for it to sync. It's lasting forever....

So, i figured out the editing, what about the multiple contacts?
I merged the accounts in Gmail and after that i edited them. Everything is ok now, i'm seeing only one google account when i go edit a contact.

As far as i'm concerned you can lock this topic :)