move files from sd card to phone


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Jul 31, 2012
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I search this forum (and others) but couldn't find the answer. If I missed it, I do apologise.

I made some photo's with my camera, which has a micro-sd. Now I'm trying to move some of these photo's to the memory of my phone.

I use ASTRO.
After starting ASTRO I tab "manage my files" which takes me right to the sd card.
Now I tab and hold one of the files which opens up a menu. I tab on "move" in this menu.
Now I browse to the memory of my phone and tab "paste"

After this I get an error message:
"Move error /SAM_1000.jpg (read-only file system)"

I get this message trying to move any file to the phone, regardless of which card I use; even with the card I always keep in the phone itself. I can move the files around on the sd card itself however.
Also, I checked the files on my pc. Then there's no problem at all; they are not taged as "read-only."

I know I can move the files by connecting the phone to my pc, but I need to do it without a pc.

My phone is a htc desire s
As far as I know, android is updated to the latest version.

I'm not sure what other info you need so if you need more info, just ask.

I hope anyone can help me,