Motorola Introduces the Droid 2


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Jan 27, 2010
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Motorola has taken to YouTube to show off their latest creation, the Droid 2. What, you didn't hear? There's another Android-powered phone headed for Verizon! Check out the one minute clip below to see all the great features that make up the Droid 2... as if you needed to see it in video form. Grab your handset later this week when it hits Big Red for $200 after rebate! "Introducing the Droid 2"

[video=youtube;3uDXhIEkH_M]"]YouTube - ‪Introducing the Droid 2 by Motorola‬‎[/video]

Via: AndroidGuys.Com
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I hope that asurian replaces my D1 with this fancy D2. My old droid's power button is going out and soon I won't be able to turn my droid on. This looks like a good upgrade
Let's see - a Droid 1 with a million ways to customize or the Droid 2 with a locked bootloader. No thanks - I'll keep mine overclocked running great ROMS until a dual-core OMAP phone with 4 lte comes out. A bonafide upgrade!
Whats funny is they say froyo for the X is still buggy but by this video droid 2 has the same exact blur stuff and looks the same as the X. So from this I can only conclude that this phone is going to be even more bugged than the X is because they aren't releasing froyo for the X and its the same as this phone. I think they are delaying because the real reason is they want to find a way to lock these phones down further and stop the free tethering you can get by rooting, and I doubt Moto cares as much as Verizon as they have plans for tether and want to charge for it. I predict with each new phone, and each update they will try more and more to lock down these phones and they will find a way to try to stop the tether work arounds after all its costing them money. I may get doubted but until proven wrong thats what it looks like to me.
ah, I was a little disappointed with that video. I'm would like to see something more like the original droid commercials :)
Funny how their key selling points are things we can already do... heh

I think I can use my original baby here until my NE2 comes up, the way things are looking.
The last part says something about having all your social networking together... What app is that?
The last part says something about having all your social networking together... What app is that?

I don't think it's an app, they just mean together on one device, although they do make apps that combine things like twitter/facebook but IMO they are not made very well
Edit my last post: it looks like part of the O/S mabye even something that MotoBlur does, but I am not even sure if this device has Blur in the O/S or not
I like the way it looks and most of the stuff it has I can already do with my Droid 1. I'm not about to go to the D2; besides they're going to come up with even newer phones eventually.