Moto Droid and Droid Incredible: Side by Side


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Dec 3, 2009
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Lower Delaware
Has the Incredible been Rooted yet, anyone know?

Not at this point. Remember it runs 2.1 android just as the droid and 2.1 on the droid has no true root.
Do you have root access on your droid? If so, what were your setting before you gained access?

Yes i have root. I had root with 2.0.1 and then unrooted and took the 2.1 update and was disappointed and used RSD Lite to flash back to "true" 2.0.1 again. Rooted once again and am running UD10 update with Bekit 1.3 Ghz kernel. My droid is fast but not quite as fast as the incredible.

Put them side by side at VZW and scrolling back and forth between screens the Inc was faster. On the internet the droid was a little faster. Why? i really don't know. Both were on 3G and never before visited sites on either phone.

Subsequently i will keep my droid due to the wifi tether and the customization at this point. Upgrade time i think i will still wait. The phones were that close in my opinion. Maybe a Droid2 is coming or something even bigger!!! My guess is the next big android phone released by VZW will have 4G capability. (capability that is, not saying 4G will be out just that when it does it will handle it)