more about headsets/music for hard exercise


Jan 30, 2010
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I bought the Bose earbud wired mobile headset, which I like and would recommend (I can answer calls and mute them but I can't end calls with it, oddly.) The sound is great, the thick wire doesn't get too twisted up. But wired has limitations.

I've seem a couple of threads, but wanted to get the newest feedback: I'd like a portable stereo bluetooth headset for vigorous exercise. I'm looking for compact, able to stay in/on the ear well, sweat-proof and, ideally, with a mic for calls too. Is that too much to get in a wireless headset? Who likes what?

Also, I like to change stations, songs fairly often, but don't want to use up too much battery by leaving the screen display on. Does anyone else find it annoying mid-workout that you have to turn Droid on and swipe to unlock every time you want to change anything? Wish you could just tap the screen once (like a sleeping laptop) to get back to the music control screen...
Droid noob here, and I'm looking around for a high quality, good sounding,wired headset that offers controls for the music player. To Sal's question, I have gone through numerous BT headsets that simply don't hold up well to moisture. I can't seem to keep the BTs functioning for more than a few weeks so I am going back to wired. My sennheisers having missed a beat through miles of running, but they don't give me a way to control the music player. I don't want to have to take the phone out and mess with the touch screen just to change tunes...So, if anybody has a good solution I would be most appreciative. Again Sal-I particularly like the Moto S9HD headset for ANYTHING but workouts. Most all of the BT headsets seem to suffer the same fate when you sweat too's a curse I know.