mobile network not locating


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May 7, 2010
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starting in mid april '10, my droid stopped locating me in maps and google "near me". i didnt have to use the gps or wi fi feature and could still get a fix on my current location, only off by .5 mile which is plenty accurate for my weather apps to keep me current. now with these same settings, if in google maps i press, "my location" i get the message " your current location is temporaily unavailable" after exchanging for another brand new droid, (the first one was only 34 days old) i am still getting the same message and no one can seem to help. i do not want to have to turn the gps or wi-fi on to get this to work, and i shouldnt have to on a 500$ phone. is this happening to anyone else or any ideas. i have done the soft reset several times, new phone, and factory resest twice, and nothing seems to work