MMS messages trouble

Nov 11, 2009
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panama city, fl
Guys i've tried to send 3 MMS to my brother attached with a picture to test it and he hasn't received one of them. Am i possibly doing something wrong? I'm using the defaulut messaging to send them to him. It shows it on my end that i'm sending the message but he hasn't gotten them. Any suggestions would be great.
Ok so I tested to send one to my wife which she has a cheap little lg and she got the mms just fine. My brother has a bb curve...would the bb have anything to do with it?
I now tried to email him with my droid and attached the same photo. He got the message but there was no picture with the confused.
I sent mms attachments to people with other networks. At&t users got it. Verizon users got it quickly. Sprint users didn't get it at all. Is it network related?
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But when Sprint black berry users sent it as an email... I get those attachments easily. Same with me to them. But sending it as messages didn't work.
can he get pix from other people? When I had my blackberry it could not receive pix over MMS, only through email.