missing sync update


Oct 30, 2009
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got this email this evening from missing sync:


You're receiving this email because you asked to be notified about The Missing Sync for Android - and we have an update.

We now have Windows PC and Mac Beta versions of The Missing Sync for Android available to download and try from our testing web page: Mark/Space, Inc. Beta and Preview Software.

They have all of the media features, and 1-way contacts sync. Over time we'll release additional previews, starting with 2-way contacts sync, and then the other features we have listed such as notes and tasks sync during November.

Kind regards,

Jackie Macapanpan
Mark/Space, Inc.>>
just a one-way sync...
i'm going to use my phone but keep my treo for appointments just until this is a 2 way sync. that way, i'm really standalone (which i really want) and i don't have to reinvent the wheel (my calendar) again nor do i have to upload my calendar info to google. i think they are motivated to have it up by the end of the month and then i'm in.