Minimalist $100 android tablet?


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Feb 1, 2012
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My mom uses my new droid inc2 phone more than I do, to play words with friends, bubble pop and one other airport draw-paths-to-land-the-planes type game. I was hoping to get her a tablet of her own but Ive read the threads of people looking for decent $100 tablets and they are not optimistic. But Im wondering, are my standards for what I need low enough to be able to find a tablet to fit? I think the only requirements are wifi and a capacitive screen, Im not sure if resistive's are any worse but if they're any different she probably wont like them. I did look at used nook colors for about that price, but I would prefer to buy something returnable since its a gift. So is it possible? Any suggestions? Or should I just start charging for timeshare on my inc2 lol. Thanks


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Aug 22, 2010
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You wont get a native Android tablet with a capacitive touchscreen for $100. It's resistive all over that price range. If I were you, I'd look into Amazon's tablet offerings, or even other e-readers that run a dumbed-down version of Android (for the sake of battery and simplicity I suppose), the Kindle fire ($200) I believe has all your requirements and then some.

But for strictly $100, get the best of Amazon's and Barnes and Noble's e-reader selection, and make sure there is a good guide for putting full-fledged Android on it, as I don't think just any e-reader will work.

But that's new, if we're talking used, check out 1st-gen tablets such as the original Galaxy Tab 7 (Sprint 3G, Verizon 3G, WiFi) and maybe the Acer A100 (I owned it for a short while before returning it- battery was so-so, screen wasn't too responsive, can't charge via USB). I don't know what the original Motorola Xoom (Verizon 4G LTE, WiFi) goes for these days, but since it's not really being sold in retailers anymore, the used price on sites like eBay and Amazon will only go down as time goes by.

Good luck!