Mi Phone Manager Is Another Feature For A Phone You Can't Have


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Oct 6, 2011
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It is unfortunate that Xiaomi has still not expanded into the US. They are slowly but surely building their empire, and knocking down the likes of Samsung, eclipsing their sales in certain markets. While I know that this would surely not be the case in the US, it would continue to build up the user base focusing on those of us who are in the know, and could ultimately drive down the prices of unlocked phones from other manufactures. While I would love to see this phone company release their devices stateside for now I will just admire their progress.

A new feature that has been released by Xiaomi for their phones is the "Mi Phone Manager". This is the PC interface when your device is connected. The program will allow your device's screen to be captured onto your PC, gives you the ability to access and manage apps, contacts, music, notes, videos, gallery, and other files from your PC, Create and send messages using your PC, Install, Uninstall and update apps from the PC, and explore the files on your phone.

While this is only available for Mi phones from Xiaomi there is always the chance that this could one day have compatibility added for devices using the MIUI rom which is actually available for many phones and tablets and can be flashed as an aftermarket OS. Download the MiManager from the link below.

Download MIManager