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Jan 16, 2010
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I am currently running Bugless Beast 1.0 on my droid. Trying to use Metamorph themes on my droid and not having any luck. I have seen the howto videos on youtube which seem pretty self explanitory but anytime I tried to load a theme( through metamorph, I get this message "The theme you selected is invalid because the theme conrol file could be missing or is not correctly written (contact theme creator)." I am using metamorph version . Any advice? I am obviously a novice at this.

The newest versions use a new control file version, breaking all the old themes unfortunately. The old themes were .thm files, the new ones are .xml files and use a bit different formatting. So I would bet that is the problem. That error can pop up though for other things, usually the file being zipped up incorrectly, misnamed files/folders.

To check this unzip the file manually, using your PC or your phone. Since you have AndExplorer, it should be able to do it. See if the file is a .xml or .thm first. If it is a .thm, you will have to convert it to the .xml format. I believe there are videos on how to do that, but I haven't messed with the .xml format myself. I haven't updated yet just because I am lazy about updating my themes.

It uses xml theme control files instead of the old thm files.

danation from the ModMyMoto forum has made a program, that updates the thm file to the new xml format.

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