Media Streamer for Home Theater


Feb 17, 2010
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Currently I have a SlingCatcher hooked up to my Home Theater.
It allows me to connect to my server and it streams my files. (most importantly, my IFO and VOB files).

It works but only "sorta OK". For example, it does not play dvd menus and it does not have subtitles.

I am looking for an alternative media streamer.
I want one that supports SMB shares, plays DVD files, with full HD resolutions and digital sound.

I saw the popcorn Hour device and that looks promising, but I believe they are an overseas company and importing the device may get expensive.

Seagate has a new device out --Seagate FreeAgent Theater+ but I don't think that it has network support(smb or NAS) . It only reads video files from the FreeAgent GO HDD).

I have a modded XBOX with XBMC that does what I need, but it is antiquated and not really what I am looking for. Besides I hate the remote control and let's face's old.

I think a Home Theater PC is out of the question because I cant see spending the $$ on a PC that will only play movies. Unless there is a recommended one that is comparable in price and Size to a media streamer. I'm not really enthusiastic on having a PC buzz and Humm in my living room..I know they make HTPC's that are quiet, but if I can get a streamer that is all solid state then I'd be happy.

Any ideas, thought or experiences?
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