market and flash problems


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Dec 11, 2009
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Just want to know if anybody else is having these problems.

I was using cyanogen. I used Rom Manager to install Bugless 0.1 (

Now I can't use the market (takes multiple minutes to load every single page), I can't use Terminal Emulator (force close as soon as I try to load it), and I don't have flash. Yes, I tried fixing permissions. That didn't help. Am I missing something? Did I miss a crucial step somewhere?

Did I screw this up or does this rom just really suck?

I want flash and I want it now. Bugless is reportedly the only way to get it right now, but I need the market and my terminal more than I need flash. I don't want to wait for Cyanogen to get a 2.2 rom out. Please, someone help me.