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Sep 4, 2010
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I just wanted to thank MotoCache1 and Woodyman for their great tutorials. I was able to root my D1 running FRG22D, with Motocache1's guide, and I have to thank Woodyman for the .tar s in "goodies from other phones". I have the slide show widget I was looking for, since I don't have motoblur, not to mention every ringtone/notification/alarm merged on my phone. Thanks so much.

I ran quadrant at stock speed (600 mhz) and scored 793 and with setcpu clocked at 800 mhz scored 1113.

I am very happy, and couldn't have done it without this forum. As I am new to the whole droid thing, this forum was indispensable.
Yesterday I loaded Chevy01 lv1.1 kernel and at 1.1 ghz I scored 1413 running quadrant (top of the bar graph, stoked!)
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