Loving my DROID!


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May 7, 2010
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Hello Everyone!
Let me just start out by saying I love the droid, I pretty much like everything about it, it's awesomedancedroid! For a long time I've been using my RAZR V3 which I adored but when I started playing with my gf's new droid I fell in love with how well the pictures were. Honestly that's what caught my eye because I love taking pictures and since I dont carry my camera everywhere I go this phone works out great and I never seem to miss anything. Although I am pretty new to these type of phones I find myself alot on the internet to figure out how some functions work lol.
For anyone who's septical about smart phones the DROID is for sure a phone to think about!
Welcome! Glad you like the Droid and camera. I use a Nikon SLR and have lots of fun.