lost most important contacts

Sep 29, 2010
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I started the moto voice app and now i lost the contacts i use all the time. Mom dad brother sister friends. all that left are the ones i never call wtf. the only thing i did was set up the moto voice app
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What moto app did you start?

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And your contacts were removed from your contact folder? I use moto voice, and although it sometimes doesn't find "Mom" which is odd, my contacts folder still had all of my contacts.

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I also have my contacts backed up. Do you?

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As far as I know, Moto Voice shouldn't do anything to your contacts except access them when you tell it to send a text/etc. I can't see how it would delete contacts whether you told it to or not.

Do you know where you stored the contacts that are missing? Were they linked to your Google account or to your phone? I can't remember if moto has their own cloud sync or if they just store natively to the device.

Some devices have an option in the contacts app to select which contacts are shown. You might want to check into that whether or not you're sure where the contacts save to when you put them in the phone.
i deleted cloud when i removed all the bloatware I got it back
You got what back?

You don't need cloud to backup your contacts. When saving a contact, you should have options for where to save them. Your google account will be one, the phone itself will be another, and there may be more.

If you selected google, it saves to your google account and you can login on the PC to fix/edit/delete/etc. It'll also automatically import all of your contacts to any new phone you get down the road.

On most phones, it'll give you the same option like apps do to "always do this," so it may take some work to fix that. I know I had issues with the Moto Droid X where it would ask every time where I wanted to save a new contact and I kept having to select my google account. I lost a few contacts when I went to my next phone from there because I missed the popup in the hurry to put a contact in my phone and move on with my life...

If you got your contacts back, what'd you end up doing?