looking for s spare battery charger for a droid x


Jun 23, 2010
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i see that they have a spare battery charger for the droid 2 but im looking for one for the droid x, i always carry a spare battery with me
This one Set Your Location (may need to enter your zip code) charges all current Motorola batteries (has two sides, and different indents and little slider things so that any battery will fit). You need to supply the USB cable and charger, takes either a mini or micro USB.

ummm thanks may pick up one myself. If I actually "use" the Droid X it smokes the battery in no time really. 9 times out of 10 I have some type charger with me but for those times where I won' it would be nice to have a spare.
let me ask you techguru do you know this battery charger will work for sure ( like do u have it for the droid x) because when i checked to see if it was capatible it said no on the verizon website.......?
when i buy any cell phone i always buy a couple of car chargers, a spare battery , a spare battery charger (that im still looking for now) & a docking station.
Well i found out on my own that there is NO spare battery charger for the Droid X battery , so what i did was i brought the spare battery charger for the first Droid & pulled out my dremel & began to make the opening for the battery a little wider so that my Droid X battery ( which is bigger ) could fit in there & with a rubber band to hold it in place my battery for the Droid X charged like a champ . When im out all day on my motorcycle i dont believe in getting caught out with a dead cell phone , now i could place a power outlet on my bike (Suzuki M109) but i have that on my goldwing instead